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About us

Why DSDetails
for your Valet or Detailing in Aberdeenshire?

It began with a passion for Detailing my own vehicles many years ago and also having previously worked for car dealers in and around Aberdeen as a valeter for both new and used cars.  

I began to offer my services as a hobby, and to begin with, valeting was carried out as a mobile service around Aberdeenshire as well as the occasional car valet on our home driveway. But, it soon became apparent that a premisses was needed in order to offer higher quality services, such as Ceramic Coatings, Protection Detail, Paint enhancement and correction to name but a few.

DSDetails IDA Certification

Mobile valet Aberdeenshire

car valeting Turriff Macduff, Huntly, Portsoy, Banff, Keith, New Deer, Cuminestown, Fyvie, Rothienorman

Abarth ZQ9H + Boosta ceramic coating full detail

We have several reason you should choose DS Details to carry out Valet or Detailing services on your vehicle. Firstly and what is most important to me is ensuring all clients feel honest value and I exceed their expectations no mater which Car Wash, Valeting or Detailing service they have chosen. This was our first building block for the business plan and I continue to make sure the customer has the confidence in knowing we will make a clear recommendation for services or products to properly recondition their vehicle to their specification, building a trusting relationship which allows our clients to keep in touch for even the simplest of questions.

Our main product supplier is Zirconite UK, which is all manufactured, designed and tested in the UK by a leading car care chemical specialist who export worldwide. And because we use Zirconite we help reduce our carbon foot print by sourcing UK products.

Zirconite UK have a full range of car detailing products that feature breakthrough exterior and interior solutions from Concept Chemicals all of which we can supply to you with a surprisingly low costs on comparison to some others. 

We are an accredited partner with Zirconite UK meaning we can offer a full vehicle protection system ensuring unrivalled possibilities for preservation of surfaces for cars, vans, lorries, motorcycles, sailboats, and aircrafts. This exceptional coating system delivers many years of guarantee combined with high levels of gloss and hydrophobicity, Zirconite's ZQ system ensures beautiful results for your vehicle.  Ceramic coatings, polymer coatings, interior protection and more.  

We offer the home of UK made paint protection, Zirconite's system is based on real world guarantees, not marketing spin. The coating system is designed to keep cars looking amazing and customers happy, so if you are looking for a Ceramic Coating in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire you have found the right reason to get in touch.

In addition to offering a full vehicle protection system and aftercare products from Zirconite, we can supply you with quality products from Infinity Wax, a Scottish car care manufacturing company, also we are an Accredited Installer for Alien Magic Ceramic Coatings as well as being a product stockist for the Alien Magic car care range which is also sourced from the UK.

The level of workmanship carried out at DSDetails is second to none, ensuring the clients vehicle and property is exceptionally cared for.

Being a member of The International Detailing Association (IDA) and a registered Certified Detailer there are a strict Code of Ethics to ensure continued professionalism, care to the customer and the environment.


So if you are thinking where can I find car Valeting or Detailing near me, you have unquestionably found your best option.

We have the care, attention to detail and desire to offer Valeting or Detailing solutions above and beyond the rest, and also cover Aberdeenshire and Moray with Mobile Valeting options so you don't need to look any further.

Ultimate green Ford Focus RS valeting maintenance wash


I am a big fan of customer satisfaction and this above all else it is what I pride my whole operation on, If the clients are not happy then what’s the point?


My drive for excellence is second to none and aim to carry out every job to the highest standard possible ensuring my work is above and beyond the rest and to see my clients get that wow feeling, it is so satisfying.


But is doesn’t end there, I also ensure my clients leave confident that I am always here for them with even the simplest of query. So if you want to know if a product is safe to use on your newly protected vehicle, how to care for your vehicle efficiently or what the best way to remove that something difficult, I am here for advice and tips.

DSDetails Valet and Detailing solutions mobile Valeting and ceramic coatings

Our quick car wash service for those in a hurry.

A Wee Valet more suited to cleaner vehicles.

The Full Valet which gets your vehicle to a presentable condition ideal for selling and as you would expect the vehicle to be if you were buying it.

Deep cleaning interior Valet for elimination of odours, pet hair removal, stain removal, disinfection and Fogging for full vehicle disinfecting including ventilation ducts.


Our Detailing services options are fairly extensive and usually tailored to each clients needs. However we do offer set Detailing packages like a Protection Detail with wax, PTFE, Ceramic or Graphine coatings. A new car preperation service can be offered to ensure time is taken so that your new vehicle is in 100% perfect condition.

We can also carry out stone chip repairs on paint work, scratch repairs, paint correction, and gloss enhancement work.

The range of valet services we offer are suited to most, however we can fully customise a valet to your exact requirements or to fit into your budget.



So no matter how big or small your requirements are, you will receive full satisfaction of a job exceptionally well done.

My name is Duncan, but most call me Dunc and here is a bit of a look into my history and how I got here.


I first started valeting cars for Renault in Aberdeen many years ago, cleaning mostly used cars, and although the pay was quite poor I did enjoy the work. I later moved onto working for Audi/VW where I progressed to managing the team of guys and valeting bays, ensuring all new and used cars were prepared to a suitable standard including the forecourt vehicles which were maintained for customer presetation.


My career moved to working offshore, and after a few years I secured a steady rotation and began to concentrate more on detailing my own vehicles during leave time.

This then sparked the idea of trying to expand my hobby by offering friends and family my services which began to grow more and more popular.


So it began, my small arsenal of products and tools were put to work and quickly I had to add more equipment and products in order to carry out valeting to the standard I was priding myself on. Most work was mobile but there were some clients who dropped their car off at my home where the work was carried out on my driveway.

Eventually I had to look for a premisses, as weather was playing a negative part on being mobile and working on the drive, as well as having the desire to offer higher quality services.


Since being in the garage I could concentrate on finer details and the pursuit of finding a ceramic coating that would work along side me with good benefits to the client. This was the introduction of working with Rob, owner of Alien Magic. I flew to Milton Keynes to meet Rob and his team to complete my accreditation for applying the Alien Magic coatings, and a short time after I also began to stock some of the Alien Magic products to offer as after care for my clients.


I also became a member of The International Detailing Association (The IDA) and completed a Certified Detailer training course which is to demonstrate the I am qualified under the professionalism of The IDA.


As with all things we evolve and I have now became an Accredited Partner with ZirconiteUK and their complete vehicle protection system. This is a 100% British manufactured, distributed and tested product range with real guarantees from product that give outstanding results and protection performance.

We can also supply you with aftercare products from ZirconiteUK, Infinity Wax a Scottish car care manufacturer and Alien Magic car care also sourced from the UK.


The next chapter is to move into a larger premises with the offer of all the valeting and detailing services currently available but to add a quick drive through hand car wash service as well. So with the continued support from old and new clients the dream will continue.

The Story

Black Mitsibushi Evo after mobile valet
IDA Certified Detailer
Zirconite business logo
Zirconite UK Accredited Partner 
Alien Magic approved installer logo
Alien Magic Accredited installer
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