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DSDetails interior valeting

Interior Valet

Our interior valets are made up from the following three, The Wee Interior, The Clear Oot and The Deep Clean, and we like to rate vehicle interiors between 1 & 10 for the level of cleanliness to help place them into the best valet option.

The Wee Interior is best suited for vehicles up to a level 4 and consists of a light vacuum and dust down with the glass being cleaned at the final stages.

The Clear Oot is more suited to vehicles from 4-7, this valet is a more thorough vacuum with the introduction of various brushes to help access hard to reach areas. The Tornadator is also used to help dislodge some of that deeply ingrained debris.

The Deep Clean is where all the tools are used to their maximum potential, depending on the vehicle and clients requirements but may involve removal of some interior components to ensure a thorough clean is carried out.

Interior Valets

Interior Valet carpet mats with DSDetails logo
Carpet stencil on interior matt, personal detailing touch
Carpet stencil DSDetails personal detailing profesionalism
Land Rover Discovery before interior valet
Discovery rear seats before Valet
Discovery boot before valet
Land Rover Discovery after interior valet
Discovery rear seats after interior valet
Discovery boot after interior Valet
Before and after VW Golf front seat deep clean
Fogging machine carrying out full interior contactless dissinfecting
Pet hair removal, interior deep clean valet
Fogging machine doing its thing
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