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Fiat 500 SS Detailing service with 10 year gusrentee coating applied

Automotive Detailing

What is detailing?

Well there are many different opinions on what detailing is so there is no straight forward answer, and due to it being such a wide scope it can be a lengthy topic. So I will give you as brief a take on what I categorize as Detailing as I can.

In a nut shell it is to go that extra mile while cleaning a particular area of, or a complete vehicle, so whether that be something as simple as removing light units to clean, decontaminate and protect behind them, or carrying out intricate cleaning and polishing of engine bays or undercarriages. In other words its a bit of an obsession to get something very clean and if possible very shiny.

Detailing to this sort of levels is usually reserved for very special cars and rare old classics, however that said if you wish to have your pride and joy daily driver detailed with high levels of attention there is nothing to say you can't or its not worth it because its just a family car, if you want to, go ahead and do it.

Truth be told if you look after your vehicle mechanical it will serve you well, same goes for maintaining the paint and delicate trims of the vehicle by means of protecting them from the environmental elements and chemical elements, all of which will help you get the most possible when it come to resell the vehicle.

How many vehicles have you seen with dull lifeless looking paintwork or leather seats which are badly cracked and worn. This isn't always on old vehicles, it is down to poor maintenance and lack of protection.

Ceramic & Graphene Coatings.

For the majority of clients the most common form of Detailing is preparation to apply a specialist coating such as Ceramic or Graphene. 

So what's the benefit and why does it cost so much for this?

Modern vehicle paint is water based which is subjective to damage very easily from the environmental elements as well as harsh chemicals such as TFR, this can lead to a negative effect on the resale value of the vehicle. So that bird dropping on the roof or dead bugs along the front are etching into the paint leaving sometimes irreversible damage.

This is where the specialist coatings we instal come into their own, as they are long lasting Polysilizane hard coatings which chemically bonds to your vehicles surfaces after a process of careful preparation and hand application. This then leaves a layer of the quartz coating creating a barrier of protection between the elements and your cars delicate paint and other surfaces.

Additional benefits are that the coatings have very good hydrophobic properties repelling water and dirt. There is an increased depth of gloss which will remain for the duration of the coating life, and beyond, so long as you follow some very simple washing guidelines. Regular maintenance is made much easier, as dirt washes away effortlessly leaving your vehicle looking like new again. And because of this your vehicles value can reward higher than the vehicles which haven't  been cared for with protective coating, as well as being a beneficial selling point.

Many myths are associated with coatings.

The coating will prevent scratches or stone chips. Quite misleading statement this one. As we mentioned earlier Ceramics is usually harder than the cars factory paint so it is more resistant to light marring induced by washing, however, if you do it wrong it will still scratch if you don't carry out a prewash or wash with dirty sponges or mitts.

You can only use PH neutral products to maintain your vehicle, we cannot comment on every coating brand, but our UK coating manufacturer and supplier have carried out extensive tests to prove repeated washing cycles using stronger chemical resulted in the coating being unaffected.

You can't polish or wax coatings. Of course you can, in fact if you wished to apply some other form of protection what you are doing is creating an additional barrier on top of your coating which will help its longevity  

PTFE coatings with 2 year guarentee
Specialist accredited coating aplication at DSDetails
Ceramic coating Aberdeen Made in Britain with real guarentee
Wheel arch detailing washed, decontaminated and dressed
Engine bay detailing
DSDetails exhaust tip polishing
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