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IDA Code of Ethics
I. My Commitment to Professionalism:

A. To prominently display the IDA Code of Ethics, adhere to all IDA logo and branding policies, and operate with the highest professional standards while providing quality products and services;

B. To maintain professional, trustworthy, and well- trained personnel; and,
C. To stay abreast of new techniques and products through research, education, and networking within the professional detailing community.

II. My Commitment to the Customer:

A. To make clear recommendations for service or product options to properly recondition a vehicle to any customer’s specifications;
B. To treat all customers fairly, and professionally, and exceed their expectations; and,

C. To exercise all reasonable care of a customer’s property and equipment.

III. My Commitment to Compliance:

A. To adhere to all regulations governing the operation of a detailing or supplier business;
B. To meet and exceed all applicable regulations that ensure the safety of personnel; and,
C. To obtain all necessary and appropriate insurance coverage.

IV. My Commitment to the Industry:

A. To contribute to the elevation of professional standards and ethical practices within the detailing industry;
B. To actively support, contribute to, participate with, and uphold the policies and standards of the International Detailing Association; and,

C. To treat all members within the detailing community with fairness and dignity.

V. My Commitment to the Environment:

A. To continually strive to reduce waste as well as the consumption of natural resources;
B. To minimize the use of hazardous and dangerous chemicals whenever possible; and,

C. To adhere to the tenets of the Clean Water Act
or comparable conservation act by preventing non- compliant discharge of wastewater and contaminants.

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