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Some of the Valeting and Detailing services we offer.

Our quick car wash service for those in a hurry.

The Wee Valet more suited to cleaner vehicles.

The Full Valet which gets your vehicle to a presentable condition ideal for selling and as you would expect the vehicle to be if you were buying it.

Deep cleaning interior Valet for elimination of odours, pet hair removal, stain removal, disinfection and Fogging for full vehicle disinfecting including ventilation ducts.


Our Detailing services options are fairly extensive and usually tailored to each clients needs. However we do offer set Detailing packages like a Protection Detail with wax, PTFE, Ceramic or Graphine coatings. A new car preparation service can be offered to ensure time is taken so that your new vehicle is in 100% perfect condition.

We can also carry out stone chip repairs on paint work, scratch repairs, paint correction, and gloss enhancement work.

The range of valet services we offer are suited to most, however we can fully customize a valet to your exact requirements or to fit into your budget.


So no matter how big or small your requirements are, you will receive full satisfaction of a job exceptionally well done.


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