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The raffle prize winner

January 2022 we run a raffle for a lucky winner to receive a 2 year guaranteed coating and that lucky winner was Phil from Turriff.

His L200 arrived in and I set about the multi stage wash and decontamination process before carrying out a light compound to help boost a bit more gloss to the slightly flat oxidised white paint.

Finally the coating was applied and left to cure while I concentrated on the trims and glass before giving the interior a thorough clean as well.

Once Phil arrived to collect his truck his face said it all when he saw it, followed by his first words, which were, wow look at the shine on it, I don’t want to drive and get it dirty.

Take a look for yourself at the end results which come with a 2 year guarantee on this one. If you would like to protect your car with one of our UK made coatings applied and supplied with a real guarantee from as little as £150, Mail, call or message me now.

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