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DSDetails new site & first free give away

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Hey, fit like a'body? and welcome to my first blog on the new site.

For a number of months I've been playing around wi building a new website, simply because my original one was way outdated and basically a bit crap.

So, I've had a few ideas and began doing some research as well as a few training webinars through the fantastic Business Gateway to get me more up to speed with what I was supposed to be doing, also more recently and ongoing, I've been getting some great help from Elevator UK, E3 Hub, definitely worth a look if you are looking for some business support, check them out here.

The first attempt was using Wordpress, but OMG that was hard work and having to write in code for almost everything was.... well too much work for me so that wiz chucked out the windae.

Next attempts was using a few of the more user friendly sites, Square space, One, and Wix as well as a few others, I began to build pages with each of them to see what was best suited to me and eventually Wix came out on top for me.

Anyway, about the new DSDetails Valeting and Detailing Solutions site, my goal is to have a website that will work better for my brand and also a place for new and old client to come and see what's been going on. There is a section for member to sign up to where there will be some exclusive members only community stuff. This blog section and the most exiting bit, a page to sign up for updates as well as some regular prize give aways. Prizes will be a variety of things from some products or services and the first prize I will give away is..............a Wee Exterior Valet for any car, SUV, or medium sized van. Once we receive 100 subscribers we will draw out one at random.

Go register your email with us now and please have a look around the site.

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